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Currently seven instruments are used as part of PaperWork and are available for downloading. A brief summary of each instrument follows. In addition to these, an on-line demonstration of the electronic version of the PaperWork Main Recording Device is available.

Click on the instrument title to download:

Social History sheet is used for building a picture of risk and protective factors over the child’s lifetime.

First Contact sheet is used to gather by hand important contact information about the child and family.

Threshold Working Out Sheet is used to analyse and summarise information about actual or potential impairment to the child’s development.

Genogram gives a summary of a well-tried method for recording the structure of the child’s family.

Main Recording Device lies at the heart of PaperWork, and is used for summarising and analysis of data on needs, thresholds, outcomes and services.

'Keeping Track' Review Device is used for regular reflection on the information contained within the Main Recording Device.

Shorter Recording Device is an optional instrument used to capture similar data as the Main Recording Device but in a short form.