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Our example concerns Lubna, a three-year-old girl referred to a social service department in London in the year 2000 after her mother took an overdose. She is one of three daughters.

By census classification she is of Asian origin. Her mother was born in India and lived in Pakistan before she moved to the UK as a ten-year-old. From the first, her marriage to a man of Indian origin was disapproved of by the rest of the family; the relationship was marred by violence and broke up. For periods at a time the husband works out of the country.

Lubna's assessment uncovers other problems. It is clear that her developmental path is different from that of her two sisters. Difficulties include her poor relationship with her mother, social isolation, eating problems and special educational needs.

The record concerns Lubna; other assessments will have been prepared separately for her sisters. At the time the social history and main record were completed, all three girls were in a foster placement and were seeing their mother regularly following her recovery. The social worker uses Paperwork to make a diagnosis and prognosis to guide further intervention.

The following PDF slides will demonstrate how the PaperWork instruments are completed for this example. An animated slideshow is under development and will be available shortly.