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Common Language has been funded from several sources, including the UK Department of Health, several English local authorities and international philanthropic organisations. Significant costs have also been borne by the Warren House Group at Dartington, the charity that shelters the Social Research Unit as well as Dartington-i in fostering the innovation.

Funding is sought to move Common Language into its second phase, where it is owned, validated and evaluated by organisations other than Dartington.

All materials are the copyright of Dartington Social Research Unit or Dartington-i. The materials are free to use with the exception of PaperWork, the Common Language Training Pack and the surveys for measuring the well-being of children. These materials can only be used with permission of Dartington. Restrictions on the use of PaperWork are in place to ensure good staff training and proper implementation of the assessment tools. Restrictions on the use of the Common Language Training Pack and the Outcome Surveys are to allow the recovery of development costs.